The Marriage: 1994

The Marriage



Henry. a soldier stationed in Northern France during the Second World War, falls asleep and in his dreams is transported back to his home, a small village in Poland. Things are not how he left them – his mother and father have become the owners of a seedy tavern and his fiancee has become a whore. What follows is an examination of existence in a society physically and morally shattered by war and which has lost its faith in man and God.

Written in 1946, The Marriage is a forerunner of the “theatre of the absurd” and is acknowledged as a classic of Polish literature. Three Legged’s production was the first professional production of the piece in English.




‘Under Lucy Pitman-Wallace’s pacey direction the cast certainly do a remarkable job with Gombrowicz’s extremely artificial dialogue. David Hudson in particular deserves a medal for the way in which he succeeds in the arduous task of articulating Henry’s crazed thoughts and strange soliliquies while making the character so utterly convincing’  What’s On


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