Endgame bins


Clov cannot sit, Hamm cannot stand and Nell and Nagg are trapped in dustbins struggling to comprehend a world in which they are terrified of “starting to mean something”.

Samuel Beckett’s bleak yet wryly humourous view of the human condition, Endgame explores man’s mortality and inevitable decay.





‘Lucy Pitman-Wallace’s confidently stage production’ The Times

 ‘Talented cast and crisp direction’ Time Out

 ‘Hamm and Clov’s pestering, festering relationship is sharply portrayed by Bob Hough and Larry Jones, while Abigail Griffiths and John Buckland are splendidly grouchy as Hamm’s ‘accursed progenitors’, trapped in dustbins’ Time Out

‘Three Legged portray Beckett’s exploration of Clov and Hamm’s retreat and their fear of ‘starting to mean something’ with skill and wry humour’ The Good Times

‘For such a well-thumbed piece in the fringe repertoire this has a surprisingly fresh feel’ What’s On

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