Current work

The Matilda Effect

In 2014 we commissioned renowned playwright, Stella Duffy to write an ensemble piece based on the life of Rosalind Franklin, one of the key scientists in the discovery of DNA.

The Matilda Effect uses the story of Rosalind Franklin’s life and work to explore the part that women have played in the advancement of science. Many of these women are little known. However, the fact that we do not know about them does not mean that they did not exist, nor does it lessen the huge contribution that they have made to scientific discovery.

This film follows a rehearsal of the play. The play is an ensemble piece for eight women with many of the actors playing a number of parts. The film gives a taster of the huge potential that the imagery of the DNA helix offers for a very physical and visually exciting production that would combine dance, mime, acrobatics and video projections.

We are currently discussing possible co-productions with a number of venues.

Please contact us to find out more.


Boy Soldiers: Voices from the Great War

Working with artist and film maker, Mark “Max” Maxwell, Three Legged have created a short film about boy soldiers in World War 1.

Entitled Boy Soldiers: Voices from the Great War, the film, commissioned by the Museum of London, imagines the experiences of three of the 50 or so boys from Islington that went to war and did not return.

Using original footage juxtaposed with images filmed at a reconstructed trench, contemporary teenagers of a similar age re-enact and narrate the piece, imagining what their peers might have been through 100 years ago.

The film launched at the end of October 2015. A short trailer can be found here and the full film can be seen here

Outlook Outlook Outlook Outlook Outlook Outlook Outlook Outlook Outlook

All images copyright Mark Maxwell/Three Legged Theatre Company

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