Dossier: Ronald Akkerman: 1998

Dossier RA


A nurse returns from the funeral of a former patient that she cared for up to his death from Aids. She starts to recount the story of their time together, and conjures him in the room with her. He in turn tells her the story he was unable to tell her in life, about his grief, fear and despair but also his will to live. At first they hate each other. He for her fear and judgement of him, she for his arrogance and self absoprtion. Slowly they come to a mutual understanding, even love, for each other.






‘Dossier is, for the most part, beautifully written. It is delicately staged by Lucy Pitman-Wallace and superbly performed by Trevor Sellers as the wayward charmer who chooses death in defiance of Katherine Grice’s conventional, buttoned-up nurse’ The Guardian

‘The simple efficiency of the writing infects the whole play. Trevor Sellers and Katherine Grice pitch their performances perfectly to steal the understated compassion and give the evening some weight’ The Times

‘Nicely played by Trevor Sellers and Katherine Grice and thoughtfully directed by Lucy Pitman-Wallace’ The Ham & High

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